Infrastructure is an essential part of everyday life. The types of infrastructure that may benefit from a generator are facilities including but not limited to water, telecommunications, wastewater, utilities, industrial buildings and businesses, and dams. Infrastructure facilities that experience loss of power can impact the quality of life for thousands if not millions of individuals. It is essential for infrastructure facilities to have a backup solution during power loss to minimize the impact on consumers during electricity failure.

Benefits of an Industrial Generator:

  • Continue services to consumers during power outages
  • Maintaining safety protocols for the facility in case of emergency
  • Adhere to local, state, and federal requirements for utility sustainability
  • Our EPG Technician will take your facility step-by-step through the generator sizing process ensuring to ask the right questions to adequately assess the facility's needs. Our estimate will include the size of the generator that will align best with your facility's requirements.

*Note: All generators are installed outside of the business*